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Discover our beautiful bath and body products, unique to the exclusive Gordon Castle Scotland brand, built upon centuries-old provenance. This collection is just as pure and natural as the Garden itself.

Our Range

Herb GardenA Scottish herbal scent combining rosemary, thyme, clary sage and lavender to soothe the mind and restore the senses.

Flower Garden  - Our flower meadow luxury scent combines rose absolute and geranium bourbon essential oils to aid relaxation and refresh the mind bringing a breath of fresh air to any home. Sink into a field of flowery bubbles and allow your troubles to float away with our beautiful nutrient-rich flower garden products.

Orangery - Gorgeously scented, this combines mandarin peel and sweet orange essential oils to uplift the senses. An everyday indulgence for the home, helping to create an elegant atmosphere.  


Is it safe to use Bramley products whilst pregnant?

Essential oils are present in all our bath & body range, but we have made sure they are at a level which doesn’t affect pregnancy. Some women choose to avoid essential oils whilst pregnant. If you’re concerned, we recommend consulting your GP before using. Each of our products have an ingredient list for your convenience.

Are Bramley products vegan?

All our Bramley bath & body products are suitable for vegans.

Do Bramley products test of animals?

Our Bramley products are never tested on animals and is cruelty free.

Do Bramley products contain Gluten?

Our Bramley products are completely gluten-free.

Are Bramley products suitable for babies and children?

Our Bramley products DO NOT contain petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colours, or fragrances (likely to cause skin reactions). However, we recommend using only a minimal amount of Bramley products on children as they may be sensitive. As always please consult your GP before using any of our products on children, especially if they have any allergies or skin conditions.

Is Bramley’s packaging recyclable?

The lid, pump, bottle, and outer box can all be recycled. 

Do Bramley use preservatives?

Preservatives are a necessary ingredient for making natural products, to ensure our customers receive our products in the optimum condition we expect. We use the minimum amount of preservatives possible, and we continually review the ones we do use to ensure our product quality stays intact.

Can I get an allergic reaction from Bramley products?

Our products are so natural and pure, allergic reactions are very rarely seen with our Bramley products. It is possible to be allergic to almost anything, such as essential oils and other natural ingredients we use. We recommend testing a small amount on the inside of the elbow to see how the product reacts to your skin. If you do unfortunately suffer an allergic reaction, or any redness or tingling please stop using the product immediately.

Do Bramley products contain synthetic microbeads?

We do not use synthetic microbeads, or any other plastic, as an ingredient in any of our products.

Where does the name ‘Bramley’ come from?

Bramley originates from Bramley Road in London, where Chloё was living when she first dreamt up the range. It fits because it encapsulates the natural Englishness of the countryside, which is what the products are all about.

Does Bramley offer amenities or toiletries for hotels?

We have a very comprehensive range of bath and body amenities on offer for hotels.

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