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In this course you will get an introduction to growing your own vegetables, covering everything from planning your plot to sowing, growing and harvesting your own fresh seasonal produce. With the help of a comprehensive course book and a range of short, easy to follow videos you will learn all the skills necessary to create your own vegetable garden. From complete beginners to those who have already started growing, learn from the Ed Bollom, Head Gardener at Gordon Castle Walled Garden – Garden of the Year 2021.

"Whether you are taking the first step towards self-sufficiency, looking for a healthier diet or just want an excuse to get outdoors and get your hands dirty, vegetable gardening is one of the most fulfilling hobbies out there. You don’t need a huge garden or a lot of expensive equipment, just the will to get stuck in, a patch of earth and a few packets of seeds. I’ve tried to condense down all my knowledge and experience into a simple and easy to follow course that will give you everything you need to start on your journey. Wherever possible I’ve left out complicated terminology or unnecessarily long-winded explanations and tried to focus on just the bare essentials to get you going. Gardening is a huge and diverse subject, so the contents of this book are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you will enjoy." Ed

Your course includes

You will be sent a course box to get you started and included in the box will be the following: The Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Course Book, five Gordon Castle vegetable seed packets, mini snips, a pencil, a set of plant slate labels, Gordon Castle mini bath and body gift set, a vegetable notebook and three walled garden postcards, all packaged in a beautiful Gordon Castle Gift Box.

In addition, you will receive your unique log in via email to access all 8 course videos.

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